At Peacefully Rooted, our mission is to share the profound healing that massage, sound, vibration, and energy work can provide. We provide a safe space and the opportunity for you to connect with your own deeper wisdom.






I have always had a deep sense of universal connection and strong intuition, and in 2013 found myself on the path of self-healing. I had heard a calling to help others and a series of synchronistic experiences followed leading me to find yoga, meditation, and honoring myself through holistic nutrition and Reiki. My passion led me to receive an advanced Reiki certification and from the love, light, and beautiful healing energy radiating from my teacher, Reiki Master Judy Stern, I was greatly inspired in my own practice.

My experience with Reiki connected me with Tibetan history and the profound healing abilities of Tibetan singing bowls. I was inspired to receive an advanced sound healing certification to heal those around me. Learning more about different forms of healing I went on to study at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine where I became a licensed Massage Therapist and studied Thai, TuiNa, Swedish, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, and Ayurvedic Massage.


My approach to healing is to always listen to your client and make sure they know you have their back and that they are safe. As my Qigong teacher said to me, "We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are not human beings striving to be spiritual, we are already spiritual beings, and we as humans are not the ones that are healing, our soul is doing the healing." 



My journey in life has been built on passion, creativity, and compassion for others. I began my path of healing through the discovery of yoga, eastern thought, and feeding the body with wholesome foods. I became obsessed with Ayurvedic medicine and writing music. My goal was healing as many people as possible through sound and words that could lead them to an understanding that what we consider to be "living" doesn't have as much life in it as we hope. My goals changed after realizing that reaching people through music was not the approach I needed to take and from Ayurvedic massage I transitioned through becoming a massage therapist in order to truly meet people in an authentic, healing space.

My approach to healing is in truly listening, in hearing a person's needs and meeting them, and being present, authentic, and vulnerable. I believe that the closer a body is to alignment, the better suited it is to life and functioning how we need it to. The body is our home, the way we exist on this planet, and our very self. I am here for all of the authenticity of life itself with all of its feeling, the subconscious and conscious forces in play, and that which liberates us. 

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