At Peacefully Rooted, our sound healing certificate program provides you the foundation to thrive as a sound practitioner in your field and community. What's important to us is that you receive a comprehensive training program. We strive to bring out the artistic creator, listener, facilitator, and healer within you. Once your healing journey is set forth you can provide support to others. 


Hi, I'm Kaitlyn!


I've been practicing Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls since 2016. I studied under Kathleen Hamer through the Atma Buti Sound & Vibrational School. After taking her 15-hour course, I knew this was the path for me! 

I'm also a Massage Therapist, and I love to keep learning, so currently, I'm studying kundalini and Emei Qigong!


I started facilitating sound healing meditation in Long Island, NY. Because I love to travel, I brought sound healing to NJ, PA, FL, NM, and now I'm located in Savannah, GA.

Tibetan Singing Bowls have helped me with my meditation practice, as meditation was never an easy task. I also suffer from anxiety, and these bowls help to ground me. I created a sound healing course because I believe this modality needs to be in everyone's hands, from mothers to teachers to anyone in the health care field. 


There is so much untapped knowledge of sound and vibration healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls. It makes me very excited to keep growing and learning in this field of music and sharing it with you all!



This 15- hour course emphasizes the practice of sound healing for use in a personal and/or professional setting using Tibetan Singing bowls, bells, and chimes to produce psychological and physiological effects.

As a result of this course, you will be able to:


  • Build body and listening awareness by exploring the sound and vibrations of the Singing Bowls, bells, and chimes.


  • Examine the science behind sound and vibration through published scientific studies


  • Understand basic anatomy and physiology.


  • Effectively play Tibetan Bowls, Chimes, Bells, and Tingsha


  • Perform techniques by protocol and exploratory ways to develop the safest and most effective treatment for your client. 


  • Place bowls on the body safely and effectively.


  • Confidently use your voice to chant mantras and seed sounds.


  • Facilitate private and group sound healings and meditation.


  • Develop proper body mechanics to support you and your client in a private or group session


  • Grow a sound healing business


Cost: $600 + a $50 non-refundable registration fee.


Sign up: Email Kaitlyn for the registration link




Split payment plan available (additional $20 fee)

Course dates: TBA


If you're interested in becoming a sound practitioner and don't see dates that fit your schedule, please email Kaitlyn to discuss other options. 

For one on one training or traveling to your city, email for pricing. 


Sydney Lanier ( Denver, CO)


Melody Culver (Savannah, GA)

Erica Dyal ( Savannah, GA)

Taylor Hayes 

Brandie Hartman ( Savannah, GA)

Katie Hester

Melissa Kamali (Bluffton, SC)

Ashley Kendrick ( Savannah, GA)


Casey Perez (Springfield, GA)


Kate Petit (Savannah, GA)

Stella Schmid ( Savannah, GA)

Carin Wightman (Savannah, GA)

Laura Diaz ( Long Island, NY)

Daniella May ( Long Island, NY)

Barbara Montelione ( Long Island, NY)

Kara Morris ( Long Island, NY)

Christina Muccigrosso (Long Island, NY)

Marisa Ragonesi (Upstate, NY)



Kate, An Intimate and soulful experience

"My sound healing training was such an intimate and soulful experience! Kaitlyn and I developed a relationship through our passion for healing that allowed her to openly share her knowledge, skill, and love for sound healing and Tibetan singing bowls. It was an experience that meant so much more to me than continuing my education in the healing arts."